The Valor Series

WELCOME to hours of thrilling adventure, love, and hope in a post-apocalyptic world. In Earth’s future, humanity has given up on saving the environment. They live in sealed, computer-controlled Cities, dumping their toxins beneath the planet’s plascrete-sealed surface.

What City People don’t know is that when the Cities were sealed, a few determined women and men remained in the Open, hoping to save the planet. They succeeded, spreading their simpler, more ecological lifestyle into tribal communities far removed from City toxins.

As the two cultures diverged, on rare occasions City People wandered into Open territory. The toxins they carried were like a plague to Open People, killing entire towns. The only protection was to kill City People on sight.  Thus the two worlds became enemies, City People educated to believe only they survived on Planet Earth, Open People hating and fearing the Cities and their residents.

Centuries pass before circumstances are right for reunification, but it may be too late. The Cities are dying, victims of their Central Computer’s failures. Humanity’s future depends on two young people who must bring their opposing worlds together to survive.


For more information, check out my Untamed Valor page.

A prequel to Untamed Valor, Persistent Valor tells York’s harrowing story before the opening of Untamed Valor. It’s available at no charge on Prolific and Kobo

Warning: it ends in a cliffhanger.

Look for the sequel to Untamed Valor, coming soon. Hidden Valor continues York and Sascha’s adventures together. And yes, Maurice plays an important part, as well.

Maurice gets his own story in Enduring Valor, also coming soon.

7 thoughts on “The Valor Series

    1. Hi Dylan. Thanks for your compliment. Have you read my books? I hope you like them. Reviews posted on Amazon and Goodreads are greatly appreciated. I’m getting ready to release two more, as well.

  1. I just finished reading “Persistent Valor” and wow! I couldn’t put it down and it left me hanging!! So I can’t wait to read the next. May repeat “Untamed Valor” that I also loved!! Thank you for bringing such a fun read to us that also has some really thought probing ideas woven in along the way. Loved it. Nice site, too!

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